AustinMonitor: Plaza Saltillo survives near derailment

“Renteria rejoindered by pointing out that he himself had grown up nearby Plaza Saltillo, and that as a young boy he used the empty land as a playground. He noted that many Mexican-American residents he grew up with had been displaced by rising housing costs, and said Endeavor’s proposal, with 141 rental units at 60 percent of the median family income, could reverse that.”

“My passion is to bring people back who grew up in that neighborhood, not displace anyone,” he exclaimed.
In the end, the item passed on third reading with an 7-4 vote. Adler, Renteria, Garza, and Council members Ann Kitchen, Greg Casar, Ellen Troxclair and Jimmy Flannigan supported it. Tovo, Houston, and Council members Leslie Pool and Alison Alter opposed it."

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