Austin to Create Permanent Event Parking Ban

• Rules would prohibit public parking in the Zilker, Barton Hills and Bouldin Creek neighborhoods
• Preliminary plans would include permanent signs on virtually every street in the three neighborhoods
• Transportation officials said installation of the signs will cost about $96,000 to install

“Maybe” all will not agree with me :fan: but this has similarities with the Local Historic District proposal in Bluebonnet Hills. We all pay the price when short sighted decisions are made to “protect” one neighborhood or one part of a neighborhood, because someone else always has to “pay for it”. So a Member NA issue can be a FAN issue, and be voted on as such…

Encourage other viewpoints, absent prior debate my gut reaction was:

(1) The cars are like an ant in an ant hill. Block one path, they will just move to another - meaning if parking on a neighbors block is banned, yours is not, they will just move to you, and then you vote again next year on whether to join the bandwagon. Therefore the total $ for signs may not be overstated, it is just timing, and you should be interested in what your neighbors are doing.

(2) Event organizers have $XX to spend, Economics 101. You can ask them to spend it on signs or to help with police overtime, or… but a given dollar can only be used for one or the other, which means the taxpayer ultimately pays for it with higher taxes or other services sacrificed.

(3) There are 10 districts and a mayor. Some of them, if fully informed, will not want to prioritize this as a funding request - period. Other council members if aware of the clear lack of consensus will be less inclined to have their districts taxpayers fund your signs. Others opposed the homestead exemption so we would have more $ to fund “neighborhood” initiatives like this - and that is a minority position.

Living near a park certainly has it’s advantages, let’s rejoice in those and figure out how to better and more safely accommodate others for a few weeks every year.”

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