Austin Monitor: City Council approves Austin Oaks PUD

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A few interesting excerpts from the article:

Council made a few changes at the behest of Mayor Steve Adler, notably reducing one of the two residential buildings from five to four stories and reducing a parking garage by a half-story.

It would have been nice to use the reduced car storage for more housing instead of reducing the number of families that will be able to live on the site.

There was also debate over what type of uses should be allowed on one of the commercial spaces included in the project. Alter initially proposed requiring it to be a restaurant, but was later able to support a motion that restricted the space to several uses, including restaurant, financial services, general retail sales, convenience store, personal services or pet services.

“I prefer to see commercial office being used as opposed to being vacant,” reasoned Council Member Delia Garza, noting how hard it is for restaurants to stay in business.

Common sense from Council Member Garza. We create complete communities by enabling the market to provide retail and jobs within walking distance of residents.