Austin Mayor Plans to Slash Retail, Office Space in Grove at Shoal Creek - Could Kill the Grove

This could kill the Grove.

Update from Friends of the Grove:

10/18 UPDATE: City Council does not plan to hear significant public testimony or vote on amendments on Thursday (10/20). They will leave the public hearing open so we’ll all have a chance to comment on specific amendments later on.
Mayor Adler has proposed voting the PUD through on first reading only, BUT has proposed voting on a version of Staff’s recommendation with a significant reduction in commercial sqft (as requested by CM Pool). This is a very dangerous first step towards approving a plan that will cut the project down to a level that will not be viable to the developer. The very last thing we all want is to lose all the community benefits that come with a PUD because the developer chooses to go with conventional zoning for the land.
I do not disagree with Mayor Adler’s approach; I believe they need to get the PUD ordinance drafted and passing this on first reading only is a great step towards crafting the final ordinance. I do disagree with what he wants to pass on first reading. It would be much more productive to pass Staff or ZAP’s recommendation instead. If you agree, please let them know!;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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