Asking For Volunteers to Help FAN

We’d like to ask for help in running FAN. In order to continue to grow as an organization and be successful, we need your help. Most groups and neighborhood associations have many various volunteer positions where people specialize in something that they’d like to do or are good at doing. We’ve come up with a list of a few things below that would be great if someone would be willing to take on. There can be more than one person for each position or someone can be involved in several different positions. If there’s anything else that you think you could contribute to FAN that isn’t on the list and you think should be, please let us know. Please ask anyone you know that might be interested in helping. Feel free to discuss here on the forums or email if you are interested in anything or have any questions.

Newsletter Editor - Edits and publishes the monthly newsletter. The template is already created and the process is fairly user friendly. The main responsibility would be seeking out people to add content to the newsletter or adding content yourself, if that’s something that you’d like to do. Some design or photoshop knowledge would be a plus though, if you wanted to add some extra features that don’t already exist.

Newsletter Advertisement Sales - People to be in charge of selling ad space within the newsletter. This could be the same person as the Business Relations person below or different people.

Events Coordinator - Works with other groups or events around Austin to get FAN involved in community activities. This could be the same person as the Social Coordinator below. It would be great if this involved fundraising in the future.

Social Coordinator - Sets up monthly/bimonthly get-togethers, finds the space, and gathers input on where members might want to meet in the future. This could be the same person as the Events Coordinator above.

Neighborhood Outreach and Communications - Coordinates with volunteers in each neighborhood to get announcements and the newsletter sent out online to various neighborhood groups and online forums around Austin. Finds the volunteers in different neighborhoods.

Membership - Registers members as they sign up on our site. Also you could attend city and other events to sign people up as members (maybe having a FAN booth), if needed, especially events that FAN is involved in. Comes up with ideas on how to get more people involved and signed up with FAN.

Business Relations - Getting discounts for our members - gives people an incentive to join FAN. Discounts to restaurants or just about anything that could benefit our members.

Social Media Coordinator - In charge of posting events and news that interests FAN members to all of our social media channels.

CodeNext - Attends CodeNext meetings, keeps FAN members up to date on CodeNext issues, advocates on behalf of FAN for CodeNext issues to city officials.

City Council Vote Tracker - Maintains a page on our site that keeps track of city council member votes that are important to FAN members. It doesn’t have to be every council vote.

Austin State Hospital Coordinator - Someone or a group of FANs that would be interested in creating a resolution on ASH and advocating for FANs vision for the land if it’s sold or leased.

Neighborhood associations have a lot of other positions like the ones below:
AISD, Beautification, Church relations, Crime & Safety, Development Review, Neighborhood Planning, Parks and Public Space, Transportation, Zoning

Whatever you are good at that can help improve FAN - Let us know!

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