2016 Board Elections coming in the next few months

Per the bylaws, the 2016 Annual meeting of the Assembly of Delegates will be held in April, May or June. The current board will be looking at the schedule at our March meeting.

Three positions will be on the ballot:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

I encourage anyone who has had even a whisper of a thought of getting more involved to reach out to one of the current board members to learn more. I would love to see a group of candidates with an array of viewpoints and backgrounds.

If you know someone you think would do a great job, reach out as well.

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We’ve had some debate about our resolution process. Some have disagreed with the frequency of our votes and others have disagreed with the content of the resolutions. I think this is a good time to remind everyone that board members hold a lot of responsibility in the resolution process. If you are hoping for FAN to move in a certain direction, please make sure to question the new candidates when the time comes.

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I know someone who would do a great job as President, because he has, so if the floor is open to start the nomination process - I would ask that @rcauvin consider running for another term.

Thanks, @Phil_Wiley. I plan to make room for others to run for the President position.

I would like to run for the FAN board, but I won’t accept any nomination for President.

I encourage anyone who wants to run to post here or send someone in the FAN leadership a private message. Diversity in geography, ethnicity, rent/own, and gender are welcome but not required. The membership will soon be asked to elect a nominating committee.

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