Volunteer or Suggest Neighbors for the Upcoming FAN Nominating Committee

The 2016 Friends of Austin Neighborhoods annual meeting will take place in June. During the meeting, the membership will elect officers (President, Treasurer, Secretary) to the board.

As required in the by-laws, the Assembly of Delegates representing FAN member neighborhood associations) will appoint a committee that will nominate candidates for that June election.

With this message, we are officially convening an electronic meeting during which delegates to FAN member neighborhood associations may volunteer to serve on the nominating committee or suggest other delegates to serve on the nominating committee.

Please reply in this thread if you are interested in serving on the nominating committee for the upcoming FAN board election.

We’re conducting this electronic “meeting” here in the FAN forum for openness and transparency, as we strive to do in as many situations as possible.

Wednesday, we will prepare and send a ballot with a proposed nominating committee, and the membership will vote whether to accept the committee members.

I volunteer to be on the nominations committee.

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I too volunteer to be on the nominations committee.

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I volunteer to be on the nominations committee

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Over the past week, Friends of Austin Neighborhoods (FAN) has conducted an online meeting of the Assembly of Delegates to appoint a committee that will nominate candidates for the upcoming board election. Starting Wednesday and ending 4 pm today, delegates to member neighborhood associations and at-large individual members participated in an online vote to accept the volunteers for the committee. The vote and the online meeting is hereby adjourned.

By a near unanimous vote of the members who participated, the three volunteers are accepted.

Accordingly, the members of the nominating committee are:

Kimberly Levinson (Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association)
Dan Brickley (Friends of Zilker)
Matthew Armstrong (Crestview Commons)

The results of these and all Friends of Austin Neighborhoods (FAN) votes are posted to the website at http://www.atxfriends.org/votes.

Thanks to everyone who participated! You will soon receive details on which board positions are open in the upcoming election, as well as how to submit your name or other candidates for the nominating committee to consider. As always, we will strive for the most open and inclusive approach we can, and we embrace diversity.