Tiny Transit™ - an Innovative New Approach to Austin's Transportation Problem

Tiny Transit™ - an Innovative New Approach to Austin’s Transportation Problem

Cafe Express, 3418 North Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78705
Date: 08 Dec 2015 7:00 PM

On December 8th we are pleased to welcome special guests Katie Kam and Susan Engelking who will talk about an interesting new proposal to address some of Austin’s traffic congestion. With their extensive background in civil engineering and economic development in Austin, Katie and Susan cofounded Tiny Transit™. Tiny Transit™ is about creating a dedicated, protected network reserved for vehicles that are relatively small and lightweight, with a maximum speed of 25 mph. Low speed and lightweight make Tiny Transit™ safe, affordable and efficient. The infrastructure is affordable, too since it allows increased capacity on our existing roads. Tiny Transit™ lets people “flow” without stopping at intersections, and without the risk of death and serious injury that exists on our roads today. Tiny Transit™ is new—and proven: virtually every aspect of Tiny Transit™ has been demonstrated to work somewhere in the U.S. or the world. Google’s self-driving car and the GEM are naturals for Tiny Transit™. It is a flexible and adaptive solution that provides a choice within the overall transportation network. We are proposing an intracity competition to launch Tiny Transit™ in Austin. We’re ready and want to accelerate this.

Speaker Bios

Katie Kam, EIT, Ph.D., currently serves as a transportation engineering research fellow at the Center for Transportation Research (CTR) at The University of Texas (UT) at Austin where her work shares the common focus of evaluating corridors and networks for transportation and economic performance. She is the co-author of the book “The Economics of Transportation Systems: A Reference for Practitioners”. Prior to CTR, she worked for two years as a high school science teacher and seven years as an urban planner for the City of Austin working with the Planning Commission and City Council.

Susan Engelking’s background is economic development. She has the distinction of having served as project manager or senior editor for each of the three long-range economic development plans for Austin from 1984 through 2000. She managed the public relations campaign that boosted Austin’s national reputation and rankings. She is president of Engelking Communications LLC, a marketing communications firm, since 1998. At present, Susan is conducting research for Dr. Cristal Glangchai’s forthcoming book on entrepreneurial learning as a way to unlock girls’ interest in STEAM. She holds a master’s degree from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin, and a degree in Education (English and history). Susan served three terms as president of the Austin Children’s Museum, now The Thinkery, and had a leadership role in its growth. She was named Austin Communicator of the Year by Austin Women.

Additional Meeting Details:

There is no charge or need to register to attend this meeting. You can order your own food and drink if you wish (and most people do), but please arrive early to place your order. People gather and socialize around 7pm, and the meeting starts shortly after.

We will meet in the smaller room at Cafe Express (much better acoustics than the larger room we used last time).

Hope to see you there!
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More information and online registration go to http://ctxwfs.org/event-2101574

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