Texas' first ridesharing bill for 2017 session hits the Capitol

"The bill, SB 176, would prohibit cities and other localities from taxing or licensing ridesharing companies — called by their technical term “transportation network companies” in the bill — or their drivers. Instead, that authority would be vested in the state. It also prohibits cities and localities from subjecting ridesharing companies and drivers to “other requirements.”

“Schwertner’s bill does away with the so-called “fingerprint requirement” statewide. Instead, it requires that drivers pass a national criminal and sexual offender background check — fingerprint not needed.”

“The law also requires ridesharing companies to adopt a comprehensive policy that prohibits discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sex, disability or “the geographic location of a person requesting a ride.” Under that last provision, drivers would not be allowed to decline a ride because the distance was too far, so long as the passenger requesting the ride is within 30 miles of the driver.”