Relevant Event Opportunity: Rethinking Urban Mobility


I realize this is a little bit of a shameless self-promotion, but the event I’m putting together in a couple of weeks is directly applicable to the mission of FAN.

I’d love to see a big FAN contingent at the Austin Chamber of Commerce’s Rethinking Urban Mobility luncheon on September 21st at the JW Marriott Austin. We’ve been working hard to put together a program that’s a little outside the box for the Chamber.

Ariella Cohen, editor in chief of Next City, is our host and moderator. Austin-based planner Lee Einsweiler, who’s leading the code rewrite process for Los Angeles, will be discussing the relationship between mobility and land use planning.

Mayor Adler will release the Chamber’s 2016 Mobility Report. This year’s issue takes on the problem of Austin’s sprawl and shows how a denser, mixed-use urban form and an emphasis on non-SOV modes are the most sustainable, cost-effective solutions to our mobility challenges.

Use promo code FAN15 to get 15% off the price of your ticket.



Thank you for letting us know about this Andy!

That sounds like an incredible event!