Panel with Austin Tech Alliance Thursday night: "The Other Kind Of Code: Why Zoning Matters and What You Can Do About It"


If you’ve heard anything about CodeNEXT - the overhaul of Austin’s zoning regulations, which specify what types of buildings can be built and where - you might have wondered why it matters in the first place. Why is zoning so important?

In fact, local land use policy has a major impact on everything from affordability and the environment to traffic safety and socioeconomic and racial integration (or segregation).

At “The Other Kind Of Code” we’ll talk with community members involved in Austin land use policy making and activism. We’ll learn about how land use policy shapes the way our city looks and feels and how it drives the cost of living. We’ll discuss CodeNEXT — and the big decisions being made in Austin right now that will dictate how our neighborhoods change over the next generation. You’ll leave with concrete ways to stay informed, plug in to local government decision making processes, and make an impact

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