FAN Austin City Council Vote Tracker

FAN has started keeping track of how the Austin City Council votes on the issues. Find out how individual council members have voted at the link below! If there are any votes that are important to you that you think should be added or have any comments or suggestions, please contact us at or you can post here with information.

Suggestion: Also color the votes of the council members (green if match FAN’s position, red if don’t). Perhaps a lesser intensity of all colors to make a little more readable too.

I tried coloring it like that, but it looked like one big color blob that was hard to read. I’ll try some lighter colors and see if I can figure something out. I used a pretty bold red, so that might have been the issue.

Scrolling is still weird on mobile, (hard to fuss with a lot of code within Wordpress), but see if the table makes more sense now.

@alyshalynn, @Pete_Gilcrease, this is great!

Not sure it makes sense to penalize an “abstain” on fan alignment netric as if it was a vote against when actually voting against could have changed the outcome in some cases. Perhaps leave out of the numerator and denominator.

Also ask that BBH be changed from N/A to last reading, as that is what sealed irs fate. @RanaPierucci - what are your thoughts on this one?

@Phil_Wiley That’s a great idea about the abstain votes. I think that’s probably what we should do - as long as the outcome of the council vote wasn’t against the FAN membership position then we just won’t count that vote in their total.

@RanaPierucci The Bluebonnet Hills local historic district outcome is different from all of the others in that there was no final decision, so I’m not really sure how we should count that or if we should count that for or against anything so I just left if off for now until we figure out what to do with that if anything.

Maybe you should count the vote on the 2nd reading? It would have been the same on the 3rd reading as I am certain no one was going to change their position. The 3rd reading never happened because they decided to let the application expire instead of being defeated. Troxclair, Zimmerman, and Gallo supported FAN’s recommendation.

@RanaPierucci Sounds good to me. I’ve updated the vote record. According to the meeting minutes it also looks like Renteria wasn’t there during the vote.

It was late at night so he might have left. In fact I believe he said before he left that he was changing his opinion from first reading where he had voted to oppose the historic district (because his friends were against it) to being in support of it (because his friends changed their mind).