Council Member Pool Attacks Other Council Members and Mayor Adler

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When I read the title of the blog I expected to hear screaming and yelling, but it seems that Councilwoman Pool didn’t raise her voice.

If that’s what’s an “attack” at City Council is, it seems that it’s pretty mild.

CM Gallo seemed disappointed by it anyways. =)

CM @PoolforAustin says tweet was an error, and “it was intended to be a private communication with my staffer.”

“It is always my intent to participate in positive communication with the community and other council members. I am extremely disappointed in Council Member Pool’s comment.” - Council Member Gallo

I don’t know. “Nail in coffin” is pretty harsh.

I couldn’t find anywhere that she apologized. It looks like she just said it wasn’t meant to be public?

So CM Pool is alleged to have violated a law? On the FB page, I see a definition of “public information” but no explicit allegation of possible wrongdoing. Is the implication that making your Twitter profile private violates the Freedom of Information act?

I’m not 100% sure what they are getting at there. Maybe that she can’t delete posts, hide her account, or that she can’t communicate with staffers unless that can be accessed through public information requests?

The Statesman just came out with their article about this.

Statesman: Austin Council Member Leslie Pool’s mistaken and loaded tweet

If this is true…

“Pool is a co-founder of the Bull Creek Road Coalition, which opposes The Grove development as currently planned.”

… then does it follow Council Member Pool should have considered recusing herself? The tweet suggests she may have been a little too close on this one…

Recuse - unqualified to perform legal duties because of a possible conflict of interest or lack of impartiality.

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@Phil_Wiley for what it’s worth, I’ve been wondering about this one as well. I recall that HLC Commissioner Panju was reprimanded recently for failing to recuse himself from discussions of the Bluebonnet Hills Historic District. I’m not defending him here, but it feels as though CM7 has a similar situation regarding the Grove and it got me wondering about when and why CMs should recuse themselves or have in the past.