CapMetro Survey for "Connections 2025"

CapMetro just sent out a survey

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Capital Metro Needs Your
Help Rethinking Our System in 2016!

Capital Metro’s Planning team keeps an ear to the ground year-round, making tweaks to routes, stops, and connections-but every five years, our focus zooms out to the big picture to see how our area and system have changed overtime, through a comprehensive service analysis (COA).

It’s 2015, and Capital Metro’s COA is due for an update since its last refresh in 2010. We’ve named this plan Connections 2025.

In the first phase of Connections 2025, we are collecting data, reviewing and evaluating our current system. To begin, Capital Metro has partnered with an unbiased consultant to comb through the nitty-gritty ridership, density, population and development data.

Our main goal is to provide a transit plan for the future – to bring our system up-to-date, while looking ahead. The final product will guide future service changes and will help better connect Central Texans with jobs, education, entertainment, and one another.

To build a better bus system, Capital Metro needs you.

Contribute to Connections 2025!

Our system best serves our community when we work together with our neighbors and riders. We need you to provide ideas and input to make the plan come alive.

Over the next few months, you’ll have opportunities to share feedback, comments and meet with our Connections 2025 team to help us rethink our system.

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