Blue Bonnet Hills LHD at City Council on Oct 8th

In August, the membership of Friends of Austin Neighborhoods (FAN) voted to join our member neighborhood association, Friends of Blue Bonnet Hills, in opposing the proposed Blue Bonnet Hills Local Historic District and calling for improved stakeholder participation in evaluating future local historic districts ( FAN sent a letter to the Historic Landmark Commission expressing the will of our membership.

On Oct 8th, the City Council will hear the 2nd & 3rd reading of the application for a local historic district (LHD) for Blue Bonnet Hills. It requires a supermajority (9 out of 11 votes) of council to pass the application.

Friends of Blue Bonnet Hills would like FANs to express their opposition to City Council. Please email City Council by the 7th of October. Friends of Blue Bonnet Hills feels strongly that historic preservation is appropriate in areas that are historic, but not as tools that prevent development, and, as an unintended consequence, prevent neighborhood improvement.

You can email all city council members at the link below: