Audit of Neighborhood Planning and Contact Teams Released

Are the changes on the current Contact Team Recommendations document at

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@carlwebb, thanks for providing the link!
@Pete_Gilcrease, it looks great! I have one point to make-

Option #2 - Modify Process - starts with "While not ideal, ". As we do not say why it is not ideal, we may want to edit it out or expand to something like: "While not ideal, as professionals are in a better position to develop affordability and equity strategies,…

(believe “develop” is right verb, and others “design”, others “implement”?)

2016 was the year of mobility, and they did a pretty darn good job of starting to tackle that priority. 2017 will likely be either the year of affordability or equality.

To the extent their is an obvious link between the approach here, and the organizations strategic priorities, all are better served if we point it out.

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@carlwebb Yep! That’s the link. The updated version is at the top.

@Phil_Wiley Thanks! That’s much better. I’ve made that change.